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Security Officers

Ultimate Protection provides uniformed Security Officers for many venues such as Shopping Centres, Hotels, Government buildings, Hospitals, we also offer guards for any occasion, from an 18th or 21st Birthday party, Christmas parties, Corporate Functions to bigger event such as shows and concerts.

With so many incidents occurring due to intoxication and drug use or just plain anti social behavior many people are turning to Professional Security Companies to ensure that their function or event is not marred by poor behavior or uninvited guests. All guards are trained in the liquor license act.
In most states it is now a requirement for a liquor license, that licensed Security Officers be employed to ensure the safety and well being of the public.

Security Officers perform an important Public Relations role for many clients such as Shopping Centres and Reception areas, having a neatly dressed uniformed Security Officer on site often makes your customers and staff feel safer and more comfortable especially in busy areas where the threat of anti social behavior is present.

All our guards are fully licensed and trained in conflict resolution as well as control and restraint techniques.


Alarm Monitoring Services - Ultimate Protection and Security, Gympie.With Ultimate Protection's 24 hour alarm monitoring service you are assured that your home or business is in the best possible hands if you were to be the target of a break in.

Our Control Room is based in Brisbane and operated by Alarm Industries, a company that we have a very close relationship and have the utmost confidence in the way they monitor all our alarm systems.

With direct access to the Control Room's data base we can make any changes to a clients instructions immediately, no more waiting up to 24 hrs for changes to become effected.

The "Control Room" provides a 24-hour service utilizing some of the latest equipment and computer software available. Redundancy in power, telecommunications and information systems to four levels with State-of-the-art backup and emergency equipment reduce the risk of possible outages.

What this means to you is "RELIABILITY"

Unlike most multi national security companies "The Control Room" will contact our Patrol car directly.

In the event of an alarm activation at your premises, the control room operator would contact our Patrolman directly and advise them of the situation as it happens, no third party response companies to contact, this saves time and gets someone to your premises quickly.

"The Control Room" can also provide welfare checks on any staff working alone at night or if staff are working in a mobile capacity.

Alarm & CCTV Installation

All our alarm and CCTV systems are installed by fully licensed installers holding licenses such as a full Security License and Austel cabling license, all cabling work is recorded on a TCA form and filed for inspection by the ACA (Australian Communications Authority).

Ultimate Protection has been responsible for hundreds of alarm and CCTV installations ranging from small domestic alarm systems to immense systems such as the Eumundi Markets and the new Rainbow Beach Hotel Complex to mobile systems such as mobile food vendors.

Cash Moves

Alarm Monitoring Services - Ultimate Protection and Security, Gympie.Cash moves and banking services are a large part of our local business, providing many companies with this service. Take the worry out of your daily or weekly banking by having a licensed, uniformed Security Officer escort your staff or deliver your takings to the bank. The advantages of using Ultimate Protection to perform your banking: No lost time traveling to and from the bank or waiting in line holding your daily takings No lost staff time or counseling sessions in the event that a staff member is robbed while your banking All cash is fully insured while in our custody.

All cash is sealed with a "One Use Only Seal" delivered to your nominated bank where the seal is checked and signed off by the bank.

Don't take the risk of having your staff or yourself suffer trauma by having your hard earned money stolen in a robbery that often leads to injury or worse.


In today's world where crime is on the increase and your business and property are constantly under threat, the need to protect your investment is an ongoing necessity.

Mobile Patrols put a uniformed Security Officer on your premises up to 4 times per night, random Patrols are an ideal way of keeping potential thieves and vandals off your premises.

Ultimate Protection can tailor a service that fits your needs, from a single lock up check per night to as many Patrols as you require

Access Controls

Many systems incorporate or can integrate access control modules, this allows you to control who goes where.
There are many types of access control components that allow you to install a system that fits your requirements, such as:

  • Magnetic door locks
  • Electric door strikes

Control modules such as:

  • Push button keypads
  • Proximity readers with cards or tags
  • Biometric finger print readers
  • Swipe cards

Detection Devices

  • Passive infra-red motion detectors
  • Duel technology motion detectors (Microwave & Passive infra-red)
  • Magnetic door reed switches
  • Point to point beams
  • Glass break detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Flame / spark detectors


Ultimate Protection & Security Pty Ltd, Gympie.

Keeping you safe

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Ultimate Protection & Security Pty Ltd provides of all your electronic and physical security requirements, from a basic domestic alarm system to a multi area commercial system and all manpower services.


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Ultimate Protection & Security Pty Ltd is a full member of SPAAL

Ultimate Protection & Security Pty Ltd is a full member of the "SPAAL" (Security Providers Association Australia)


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